Our menu

Le Phénicien is proud to present the menu for its Lebanese restaurant located in Philippeville. Savour the Mediterranean and oriental specialities (not in our set menus).

Pre-dinner drinks
House cocktail (Cocktail made with Campari, white wine and fruit nectar) €7.50
Yrisé – Sparkling rosé wine €7.50
Surprise aperitif €7.50
Arak (Lebanese Anisette) €7.50
Batida €5.50
Orange / pineapple Batida €6.50
Campari €5.50
Campari orange / Soda €6.50
Gancia €5.50
Gin Orange / Soda €6.50
Kir (blackcurrant and white wine) €6.00
Martini red or white €6.00
Muscat €5.50
Picon white wine €6.50
Pineau des Charentes €6.50
Pisang orange €6.50
Pisang or Amaretto or peach, alcohol-free €5.50
Porto Red / White €5.50
Ricard €6.50
Vodka orange €6.00
Whisky and Coke €6.50
Johnnie Walker Whisky €6.00
Jack Daniel's Whisky €7.00
Fruit syrup: red fruits, mint or rose €1.00
Bubbles before dinner
G-Sprizzt'er Red (75cl) €26.00
 - By the glass €5.50
G-Sprizzt'er Blue (75cl) €26.00
 - By the glass €5.50
Frizzante Rosé (75cl) €28.00
Frizzante Bianco (75cl) €28.00
Cold starters
Lebanese dish: Tabouleh, hummus, moutabal, Bulgur wheat with tomato, falafel and rkakat €9.00

Typically Lebanese salad made with parsley, cracked bulgur wheat, onions, tomatoes, mint, spices, lemon and olive oil

Smoked aubergine caviar
Chick peas, blended with tahini and lemon
Typically Lebanese salad made with crispy bread, a variety of fresh veggies, lemon sauce and olive oil
Merguez salad
Warm starters
WARAK ANEB (4 pieces)
Vine leaves stuffed with rice
Rice with lentils and caramelised onions
Bulgur wheat with tomato
FALAFEL (4 pieces)
Veggie balls made with chick peas and beans, coriander, garlic and chilli peppers served with sesame sauce
Veggie moussaka made with aubergines, onions and garlic
KIBE (3 pieces)
Meatballs made with minced beef, cracked bulgur wheat with pine kernels
Sausages small’n’spicy
Small sausages spiced up like in Lebanon
RKAKAT (5 pieces)
Crisp pastry stuffed with feta cheese and thyme
SAMBOUSSIK (6 pieces)
Crisp pastry stuffed with minced meat and/or feta cheese
Toasted Lebanese bread, stuffed with minced meat, parsley, onions, tomatoes and spices (spicy / non spicy)
Chick pea cream topped with beef and pine kernels
Fried chicken liver
Lamb’s tongue sautéed with garlic and mint
Lamb’s brains sautéed with garlic and coriander
Egg or tuna in brick pastry €11.00
Fatima’s fingers
Flaky pastry stuffed with beef and tomato sauce
Scampi seasoned with garlic (5 pieces) €12.00
Scampi with our home-made tomato sauce (5 pieces)
Tomato sauce, coriander and garlic
Scampis Diavolo, spicy sauce
Scampi with diavolo spicy sauce
All grilled meats served with chips, salad or couscous  
Meat-free couscous €12.00
Beef kebab €18.50
Lamb kebab €19.50
Kafta kebab (minced meat, onions, parsley) €16.50
Shishtaouk kebab (chicken breast) €17.50
Chicken (1/2 chicken) €17.00
Merguez €17.00
Lamb shank (1 piece) €18.00
Lamb chops (4 pieces) €21.50
Joint of lamb €20.50
Le Phénicien grill (lamb, Shish Taouk, Kafta) €20.50
T-bone steak (700g) €25.50
(1 lamb kebab, 1/4 chicken, 2 merguez, 1 shank, 1 faux joint)
Spit roast
(oven baked lamb shoulder, seasoned with garlic and coriander)
Junior dishes
For children only  
Kiddies’ dish of couscous or chips with a junior kebab (choice of lamb, chicken, beef or kafta) €8.00
Meat Extra chips:€4.00
Served with chips and salad  
Fillet plain and pure €22.00
Plain steak €19.00
Steak with mushroom cream €24.00
Steak with green pepper €24.00
Extra sauce:
Green pepper, mushrooms or diavolo
Extra meat:
1 lamb kebab
1 chicken breast kebab
1 beef kebab
1 lamb shank
1 kafta kebab
1 merguez
1 lamb chop

Fillet of sole meunière with plain potatoes €24.00
Cod centre cut with mustard sauce and baby veggies €20.00
Two scampi kebabs with chips and salad  €17.00
Soft drinks  
Villers water still or sparkling - 20cl €2.50
Villers water still or sparkling - 1/2l €5.50
Villers water still or sparkling – 1l €7.50
San Pellegrino water - 1/2l €5.50
Schweppes Tonic / Citrus €3.00
Coke Zero – Diet Coke - 20cl €3.00
Diet Coke - 1l €9.00
Fanta Orange – Lemon €3.00
Saint-Amand lemonade or orangeade - 1l €9.00
Looza fruit juice - 25cl €3.50
Perrier - 25cl €3.50
Sparkling Ice Tea / Peach / Green €3.00
Sprite €3.00
Extra: fruit syrup (red fruits, mint or rose) €0.50
Almaza (Lebanese beer) €4.00
Jupiter €2.50
Jupiter - alcohol-free €3.00
Carlsberg €4.00
Orval €4.00
Trappiste de Chimay Red €4.00
Trappiste de Chimay Blue €4.50
Hoegaarden White €3.50
Super des Fagnes Lager or Bitter €3.50
Leffe Lager from a barrel €3.50
Kirsch cherry €3.50
Lebanese pastry assortment €8.00
(Hot pancake stuffed with walnuts and vanilla ice cream)
Home-made chocolate mousse (crafted with love) €7.00
Sahlab (orange blossom cream) €6.00
Banana Split €8.00
Peach Melba €8.00
Café Liégeois €8.00
Coupe Colonel (sorbet lemon and Vodka) €8.00
Speciality of the house 
(pineapple ice cream, rum’n’raisin flavour)
Sunday special (strawberry ice cream with red fruit) €8.00
White Lady €7.00
Black Lady €7.00
Brazilian €7.00
Frutti Sorbets €7.00
Lemon, Coconut or Frosty orange €7.00
Kiddies’ special (flavours: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or mocha) €4.00
Caramel liqueur with topsalt €6.50
Chocolate liqueur with Madagascar vanilla €6.50
Speculoos liqueur €6.50
Melon cream liqueur €7.00
Cinnamon or fig liqueur €5.00
Banana liqueur €5.00
Violet liqueur €5.00
Rose liqueur €5.00
Thibarine (date liqueur) €7.00
Grappa €7.00
Grappa with honey €7.00
Cedratine (herb liqueur) €8.00
Amaretto €6.00
Bailey's €7.00
Boukha (dry fig alcohol) €7.00
Calvados €7.00
Cognac €6.00
Limoncello €5.00
Cointreau €7.00
Grand Marnier €7.00
Cognac Bisquit €9.00
Mandarine Napoléon €7.50
Pear William €7.50
Sambouka €7.00
Hot drinks
Coffee €3.00
Decaff €3.00
Irish Coffee €8.50
Cappuccino €4.00
Iced coffee €6.50
Mint tea €3.00




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