The wine menu

White wine
La Dame Blanche Kefraya
Varieties: Ugni white, Bourboulenc, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Clairette.

Ksara white
Varieties: Sauvignon, Sémillon, Chardonnay.

“Fruity wines” by Félines
Côtes de Bésilles, Chardonnay, Roussanne. Domaine de Félines Jourdan
Chardonnay 35%, Roussanne 50%, Piquepoul 10%, Sauvignon 5%.
This well-balanced Chardonnay – Roussanne is well-rounded yet with acidic overtones. An elegant, aromatic assembly. The nose expresses the aroma of white flowers and citrus fruits, peach and apricot. With a honey yellow robe, this white wine is tasty and well-balanced.

“Le Blancs des Filles”
Wine from France, appellation Faugères. Domaine Enclos de la Croix
Variety: 100% Merlot. blanc de noirs, this wine is crafted from grapes pressed immediately after harvesting, to prevent the extraction of too much colour and tannins. The juice is then fermented at a low temperature to bring out an original aroma. It is then aged for 6 months before bottling.
This amazing wine starts out fleshy, winning over those who appreciate full-bodied fine white wine. It is suave and delicate at the finish, with a hint of vanilla, and remains lightweight. This wine is suitable for pre-dinner drinks, and also pairs up well with fish and poultry.
Check it out!

 “Prélude Blanc” - Saint Foy de Bordeaux
Variety: Sauvignon
A pale yellow robe shot with greens, a discreet nose with citrus and mineral notes. A well-balanced, fruity taste.

Prélude Blanc (37.5cl): €13.00

Domaine Roland Laventureux
A bright, light colour wine, with a fruity, mineral nose, a fine bouquet, well-rounded and complex. It finishes with a discreet note of dried fruits.

Chablis (37.5 cl): €19.00

Montlouis Dry “Eole et Bacchus”
Château de Pintray
Varieties: 100% Chenin
This yellow wine with a nose of white flowers and spices, boasts a well-balanced texture and fresh appeal. A new estate for you to try!

Pinot Gris - Kuhlmann-Platz
Variety: Pinot Gris

This yellow wine with a nose hinting strongly of yellow and exotic fruits. It is rounded and opulent with forest foliage overtones and smoky notes. It is ample on the palate, with yellow fruit fragrances, a powerful, no-nonsense wine with very little residual sugars.

Pinot gris (37.5 cl): €16.00


A gorgeous yellow robe, exhaling the aroma of candied fruit and floral notes. The well-rounded palate with lingering sweetness is maintained with beautiful balance. Pairs well with spicy, exotic main courses.

Red wine



Kefraya les bréteches
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Mouyrvèdre, Carignan, Grenache, Syrah.
Grapes harvested manually from a stony, sun-bathed soil at high altitude. Kefraya les bréteches (37.5 cl): €17.00


Ksara “Réserve du Couvent”
Varieties: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon.
A ruby-hued robe for this fine, elegant wine, woody aromas with a hint of vanilla, silky tannins with plenty of pedigree, with a long finish.
Ksara “Réserve du Couvent” (37.5 cl): €17.00


Château Kefraya
Vines growing on stony, sloping soil bathing in sunshine. This wine has plenty of character with an assembly of Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Grenache and Syrah. The 2003 vintage won the gold medal in Vienna in 2008.


The Emirs Clos Saint-Thomas
Matured in oak barrels
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Granache.
A bright ruby hue with silky, melting tannins. A subtle bouquet of vanilla that’s long on the palate. This wine brings character and poetry to cuisine both simple and sophisticated.




“Les Fruités” de Félines Red
Côtes de Bésilles – Grenache - Syrah. Domaine Félines Jourdan.
A ruby robe and fruity flavours makes for a lovely, light, fresh wine.


Saint Chinian
Domaine Clos Bagatelle
Varieties: Grenache noir 20%, Syrah 40%, Carignan 20%, Mourvèdre 20%.
Beautifully bright ruby robe. The nose develops the scent of fresh fruits and scrubland. A full, intense taste.


“Sous les Cailloux, des grillons”
Igp Côtes du Brian - Clos du Gravillas
Short maceration of 7 varieties, matured in vats.
30% Syrah, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Carignan, 10% Grenache, Counoise and Mourvèdre.
A tasty, fresh, lively red wine macerated for a short while, using fully ripe grapes to ensure density. Aromatic black fruits fill in on flavour. A refreshing bite, with pure fruity appeal.


Domaine Clos Padulis
Varieties: Carignan, Grenache noir and Syrah.

A deep, clear hue shot with mauve. A tender nose, fresh, crisp acids, interspersed with fruity bursts of blueberry and blackberry, a soupcon of green grass and scrubland. Balancing beautifully between fine and fresh.




“Les Rouge des Schistes”
Igp Côtes Catalanes. Domaine des Schistes
Varieties: Marselan 50%, Syrah 50%, mechanically harvested from a deep alluvium soil around Estagel, on a plain and lower slopes. Gorgeous ruby red hue. The nose is intense with floral aromas and mineral notes. This wine is silky in the mouth with light tannins, finishing with red fruits.


Igp Côtes Catalanes. Domaine les Conques.
“Toine”: an assembly of Syrah, Grenache and Carignan. Yield: 30hL/ha.
The deep, clear hue shot with mauve. A tender nose with fresh, crisp acids, interspersed with fruity bursts of blueberry and blackberry, a soupcon of green grass and scrubland. Balancing beautifully between fine and fresh! A far cry from pretentious pre-fab caricatures, crushed by the sunshine, alcohol and extraction.
A new wine estate holding out plenty of promise!




Mâcon Pierreclos red
Domaine des Bruyères - Maurice Lapalus - MD
Varieties: 100% Gamay
A beautiful, deep purple robe with red fruit fragrances (blackcurrant, raspberry and cherry).
Slightly spicy on the palate, well-rounded, with a long finish.




Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil "Les Gravières"
Home-made Audebert - MD
The nose recalls the fragrance of prunes, candied fruit and toast. It starts out fresh on the palate, before an explosion of classic fruity aromas typical of Cabernet, heralded by a taste of toast.


Orléans Red
Clos Saint-Fiacre
Varieties: Pinot Meunier (80%) and Pinot Noir (20%)
L'Orléans is a red, rosé or white wine of controlled origin (AOC since 23/11/2006) produced in Loiret in central France. The controlled region extends over a mere 189 hectares. A ruby-hued robe, an intense nose with aromas of well-ripened red fruit. A luscious, well-structured taste with spicy notes, and silky tannins. This is a generous wine with surprisingly fresh appeal.




Côtes du Rhône Regulus
Domaine Clavel
Varieties: 50% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 15% Cinsault, 15% Carignan.
A dark ruby-hued robe shot with purple. A deep, complex nose evoking notes of blackcurrant, spices, boiled red fruit and toast. On the palate, this fleshy wine embodies liquorice and warm spices like white pepper.
Côtes du Rhône Regulus (37.5 cl): €13.00


"Pinot Chio"!
French Wine, Costières de Nîmes
Domaine Mas du Chêne
An atypical Rhône variety: Pinot Noir
Varieties 100% Pinot Noir produced by way of carbonic maceration, poured into Burgundy barrels after fermentation and aged for five months.
A ruby-hued robe, a deep, intense nose with aromas of well-ripened red fruit. On the palate, its structure releases spicy notes and silky tannins. A generous wine with surprisingly fresh appeal.


Côtes du Rhône "Paroles de Femmes"
Domaine Galevan
Varieties: Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Carignan. The "Rhône Vine" produces a fine, well-rounded wine with a beautiful black cherry robe. The nose tells of black fruits, wild berries, spices and musk, with much finesse. It is lively and silky on the palate, with a persistent, well-rounded fruity aroma.


Gigondas - Domaine du Gour de Chaulé

Varieties: 80% Grenache, 10% Syrah and 10% Mourvèdre.
The bright red ruby robe boasts beautiful density. The nose is deep and complex, evoking fruit and spices. It starts out strong on fruit. Powerful and generous, it also boasts a fine pedigree. A highly appealing wine.




Saint Joseph
Domaine des Grands Vignes - Nicolas Badel




Haute Côte de Beaune
Domaine Rollin




Bergerac red
"Le Bouquet de Plaisance"
Château Marie Plaisance
A deep red robe shot with purple, with a deep nose, reminiscent of spices and well-ripened red fruit. A pleasant feel on the palate with a voluptuous volume. The tannins are powerful and will mature well over the next few years.




Château Les Cèdres - Premières Côtes de Blaye
Château Haut Giraud
A warm nose with a sweet symphony of a black fruit basket. This wine is complex on the palate, conjuring up spices and fruit. With a well-rounded, supple taste, this wine boasts plenty of character.


" Les Temps Modernes "
Saint Foy de Bordeaux
Château the Chepêlains - Pierre Charlot
Varieties: assembly of Merlot 70% and Cabernets 30%
A deep hue for this wine expressing a powerful, complex bouquet with fruit stealing the show from discreet wood. It starts out startling with aromas of blackberry, candied fruit and kirsch blending beautifully with the silky tannins for a long finish.


Château Tour Peyronneau
Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
Château Bernateau - Régis Lavaux MC
A clear, bright ruby-red hue. The pleasant bouquet is reminiscent of kirsch with toast and wood. An amazing wine, powerful and well-structured.




Red wine "The house selection"
Merlot - Côtes de Prouilhe
Domaine de la Noria - Anne Gorostis - MC
A highly expressive Merlot wine, with its characteristic elegance and silky feel on the palate.

Rosé wine
Ksara – Gris de gris
Varieties: Grenache gris, Carignan.
A pink-grey tint for this wine offering up a floral nose embracing peony and jasmine.

Cabernet d’Anjou
Medium dry wine. Domaine du Landreau MP
The robe is a colourful pink, this is a fruity wine with aromas of strawberry and raspberry. It is fresh and refreshing, enhanced with hints of spice.

Côtes du Rhônes Rosé.
Domaine du Vieux Lavoir

Bergerac rosé “le Brin de Plaisance”
Château Marie Plaisance MC.
Varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc.

A pretty, bright, coral pink robe, a fresh, fully expressive nose mainly evoking the aromas of blackcurrant, gooseberry and raspberry. It’s well-rounded and lively on the palate, with a fresh finish, and long-lasting aromas.
This wine is a true summer treat, pairing well with summer food (barbecues, salads etc.)

Saint Chinian “Colline”
Sentiers de Bagatelle. Domaine Clos Bagatelle MD.
Varieties: Grenache 40%, Cinsault 30%, Syrah 30%.
The Cinsault and Grenache vines are over 50 years old and are grown in cups. With its pretty pale pink tint, this vintage boasts a pure nose with floral nuances. It’s fine and fruity on the palate, developing a fresh, pleasant appeal. This tasty rosé is brimming with charm.
Pairs beautifully with oriental cuisine.
Château Pouzac "Festivités"

IGP Côtes de Thongue

Wine with an explosion of gooseberry, raspberry and strawberry flavours. A bonny, well-structured rosé.

Pinot Noir Rosé 
A dark raspberry hue for this dry wine with a distinct aroma of cherry stones and fresh red fruit. It is well-structured on the palate, boasting fresh appeal with a fabulous fruity finish.
With its typically light, fruity fragrance with aromas of cherry, it can pair up prettily with cold and red meat.
Kuhlmann Platz (37.5 cl): €16.00

Sparkling rosé wine
Imagine a delicate fruity taste, a fruity fragrance reminiscent of strawberries, a pleasant sensation and delicate taste. Imagine all this together, tickling your taste buds. Imagine a drink that’s low in alcohol (6°): that’s me folks! By G-sprizzt’er.
A sparkling, pink-hued wine, with delicate fresh red fruit aromas (strawberry, orange and blueberry). A wine with plenty of fresh appeal. It’s perfect before dinner, or paired with summery or exotic, sweet’n’sour cuisine and even with dessert. G-SPRIZZT’ER RED (by the glass): €5.50

Sparkling rosé wine – 100% Syrah. 
Fragranced and fresh, sporting a rosy tint. This wine releases aromas of fresh strawberry and raspberry. The bubbles are fine, delicate and refreshing. Bronze medal at the Mondial du Rosé (World rosé championship).
Yrisé (by the glass): €7.00

Carafes (red/white/rosé)
1 LITRE €17.00
1/2 LITRE €10.00
1/4 LITRE €6.00
1 GLASS €3.50
Our Champagne
Champagne dry white "Mannoury"
The “Tradition Brut” vintage is an assembly of pure vintages. The pinot it mostly comes from confers a fine structure and its length on the palate does justice to great feasts. (85% pinot noir – 15% chardonnay)


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